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  • Artist - Zsuzsi Roboz - Biography
    Zsuzsi Roboz was born in Budapest in 1929. After the war Zsuzsi and her mother moved to France as her mother had remarried a Frenchman, but Zsuzsi found life in France difficult and left for secretarial school in London at the age of seventeen. After arriving in London in 1947, she worked for an old friend of her fathers, Alexander Korda, an active and well-known figure in Cinema, as a typist and occasional dinner guest with celebrities such as John Garfield. It was during this time that Roboz was attending art classes at the Royal Academy Schools under the supervision of Peter Greenham, and would later catch the eye of Pietro Annigoni. She would later leave to study in Italy as Annigoni’s pupil and upon returning to London after the year was up, she was considered a “brilliant" draughtsman. While she may be known for her portraits and could have built a grand clientele based on her work, Roboz had other interests and passions as well. Roboz regarded “herself as a painter who sometimes painted portraits, rather than a specialist in the genre.” These other interests included series on music and the ballet. Some of her paintings are exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Gallery. She was best known for her portraits of dancers, musicians and writer.
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