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  • Artist - Jankel Adler - Film Walkthrough
  • Artist - Jankel Adler - Exhibition 2021

    Jankel Adler | Paintings and Drawings
    Sat 4 Dec 2021 - Sat 15 Jan 2022

    Exhibition Walkthrough Broadcast on Friday 3rd December 2021 on goldmark.tv. Exhibition monograph with essay by Sarah MacDougall and Rachel Dickson will also be available.

    Founder of the gallery Mike Goldmark, whose Austrian parents also fled the Nazis after the Anschluss, comments: ‘The legacy of Jankel Adler is extraordinary: not just the intensely moving pictures he left behind him, but the effect he had on mid-century British art, which can still be felt to this day. His work is rightly housed in the great international institutions.’...


  • Artist - Jankel Adler - Biography
    Jankel Adler was born in Lodz, Poland to Jewish parents in 1895. After his studies he moved to Dusseldorf where he taught alongside his mentor Paul Klee. Adler was forced to leave Germany in 1933, at the height of his success there, because of the rise to power of the Nazis. His paintings were removed from German museums and appeared on the lists of ‘degenerate art’.

    Settling in Paris, he became friends with Picasso and Otto Dix. In 1940 he joined the Polish army and travelled to Glasgow where he met the artists Colquhoun and MacBryde. He settled in London in 1943 where he was to influence many young British painters including John Minton, Keith Vaughan, Prunella Clough, Michael Ayrton and the poet Dylan Thomas. Adler died in 1949, aged just 53.
  • Artist - Jankel Adler - Film
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